Access Hollywood, 05/09/12


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smiley Great video's, I love Courntey! however I find Linda Perry a bitch, she seems embarrased by Courtney, she can't say or do anything, even Billy pulls her hand away from her face and kind of points to Courtney. So it's ok to use Courtney to promote her LGBT group but she kind of makes a fool of her on TV. I don't have any respect for the lady.....

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I agree can't stand Linda Perry or her lame songwriting letter to god is the worst song on ND I don't know why Courtney allowed that cheesy song on her album. Linda needs to stick to writing for cheese pop trash like Avril and Xtina

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i absolutely love them together!! very cute!

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actually linda is the only one who makes it watchable. it was supposed to be a talk about something really important , a good cause and Courtney made it fucking cheap magazine like yet again. honestly, she makes no sense, everybody knows about chanting her guys and troubles. she used to be amazing woman who makes a statements and changes music and now she is just a fucking gossip goddess. pathetic. ruined her face and ruined her life. linda is looking beautiful... god soorry it just made me angry. I loved courtney! seriously... she just seems like she lost all her intelligence and spark. just my opinion OKAY

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what are you talking about? The hosts asked Courtney about her relationships and her buddhism. Linda and Courtney didn't want to talk about that and told them to move on and ask relevant questions and they didn't want to, the hosts wanted to focus on twitter and relationships how can you get mad at Courtney for questions that she's asked? Also, I think Courtney looks really pretty here.

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Courtney will never resist to play up to her rock rebellion legend. She is my idol, she looks beautiful and i love her. But we all have friends who just cant stop and you need to tell them to shut the fuck up. I find the interview and relationship here, real and amusing. They're both just who they are. And that's kinda the point.

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Omg she went to Lgbt center in hollywood? I was just there and i was a Gay Teen! How awesome and special these to are for standing up and showing some compassion and love for the Community. I know courtney has got A HEART somewhere in there. I love them, cheers. Looking healthy btw, i never thought i'd say that again about them both. 0smiley

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They act like a married couple LOL is there any more interviews with them about this event? Great cause!

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No. Linda didn't want to talk about any of that. Courtney did and for the first time in my life I've seen someone shut her mouth like that. She clearly wasn't happy about this at all. Saying that she is like 'mouse' might sound like a cute joke but wasnt at all. Yor a fan OKAY thats great but there is no need to kiss her ass...seriously. she wanted to be center of attention so bad. And when it didnt work out she became irritated and demanding. quite funny actually. especially for 40 something woman.

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Courtney did? that's why she said I'm not talking about the twitter stuff and she didn't answer the relationship question when asked. So shut up and go away you are a pathetic hater. You have no idea what you're talking about the host even pushed Linda's hand and said wow. Courtney didn't do a damn thing they are friends

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dont be an idiot little Anonymous...Linda was embarrassed. With whole fucking show , questions and Love herself. That's about it.

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courtney is not linear in anyway whatsoever so i understand what linda was trying to do but she does come across a bit of a cunt in doing so. i'm still convinced that linda is in love with courtney...and i think courtney is well aware of it too smiley

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I have to agree that Linda came off as a little stand-offish and well, yeah, kind of as a bit of a bitch. Sitting there pretending you're too cool for a morning talk show and stifling Courtney (who is the reason many more people now know about the wonderful benefit) for simply trying to answer harmless questions is a little annoying. Courtney knows EXACTLY when she is going too far (for example when she says 'we're not talking about that' re: the tweets), but Linda doesn't even give her a chance to say anything at all.

Still, it IS very funny, and they are like an old married couple smiley . Here's hoping the benefit goes well smiley

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