How are the shows so far

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How are the shows so far

Hey everyone!

I was wondering: as any of you seen her live recently?

If so, how was it?

I know i'll go see her anyways but i'd like to know what I should expect.

Don't want to set it too high after a 12 hours bus ride to get the show.

And does anyone knows if she still has dates in Canada to announce?

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Oh man I wish I could see her

Oh man I wish I could see her!! I just can't because I live too far and I don't have money..... Sad

Kato (not verified)
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Philly was really good,but a

Philly was really good,but a little short,75 mins.
Glad I went.

Kato (not verified)
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Just wanted to add to my earlier post.
She looked and sounded great,good set,no covers at all.
Opened with Miss World.
Not in order but if memory serves me played.
Skinny Little Bitch
For Once in Your Life
Reasons to be Beautiful
Pacific Coast Hwy
Celeb Skin
Northen Star.

Kato (not verified)
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And how could I forget Asking For It

Don (not verified)
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Chicago 7/18/2013

Saw her last night at HOB and she was awesome. She still brings that raw energy and can jam. I highly recommend if you get the chance to see her to do so!

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Chicago show house of blues 7/18/13

courtney rocked it last night she put on a epic show thank you sos  much we had a blast .courtney canu please get t shrits in bigger sizes for ur plesenley plump fans and more merch thank you

Andrea (not verified)
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I saw her in Detroit and she was amazing!! She couldn't hit a few of her high notes, but looked much healthier than she has in recent years.

Rob D (not verified)
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Live-Stone pony

The set list was awesome, opening with plump. Playing a lot of her older music mixed with Nobody's Daughter. The vocals were beautifully loud, and the music sounded off the record perfect. Courtney and the band preformed a great show, she was looking and sounding healthy but confessed, she had flu like symptoms that night. Courtney knows how to rock it to the end!

JazzyJizzle (not verified)
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You will NOT be disappointed !

I just seen Courtney this past saturday in Anaheim, CA. Her voice was going out from rocking hard the night before, but she still killed it on stage. The performance was, "cream in your pants" amazing !

I'm going to be seeing her again at the end of this month in Los Angeles, CA. I'm pretty sure she got those cords back in order and will smash the stage 10x's more than when I previously saw her.


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Courtney's Still Got It!

Her show in Houston was amazing! She looked great & sounded great. She delivered a kickass show & her band was just as awesome! Love you guys! ♥

CaliFan (not verified)
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Love in Petaluma

I saw Ms. Love-Cobain in Petaluma last night. The show was not nearly as good as the July 25, 2013 show in San Francisco. Her band was, as always, tight, professional, and perfect in execution. Courtney, however, seemed a little off. She wasn't hitting all the high notes. She was making a lot of exagerated hand/arm movements. Her eyes were sleepy-looking. Later a friend told me she said she had the flu. It's always special to see her -- I feel so lucky when I can -- and the crowd clearly enjoyed the show, as I did. If you've never been to The Phoenix in Petaluma, it's a must.

el cucuy (not verified)
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belly up tavern

Awesome Show! U Kick Ass Courtney!

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