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So, I dunno if this is against the rules, but forums can be very confusing, especially if you don't really know anyone. And introduction posts have always sort of been really good icebreakers. I never know where to start if I can't introduce myself first, so...Here goes.

Hi. I'm Andii. I'm twenty-three. I'm from the South. I'm a Tumblr addict, an Anglophile, and a self-professed nerd. I eat, breathe, and sleep music, almost twenty-four-seven. The only thing that comes close to my love for music, is my love for books, and films.

I listen to the following:

Abba, AC Acoustics, Arctic Monkeys, Amy Winehouse, Cat’s Eyes, Corey Taylor, Courtney Love, The Cranberries, The Cure, The Dead Weather, Discount, Emilie Autumn, Garbage, The Kills, The Horrors, Hole, Hotel Persona, Jack White, Julian Casablancas, Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, Love Amongst Ruin, Lydia Lunch, Marina&The Diamonds, Misfits, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Oasis, Orgy, Pixies, Placebo, The Raconteurs, Republica, S.C.U.M, Slipknot, Spider&The Flies, Stone Sour, The Strokes, Teenage Jesus&The Jerks, The Vaccines, The White Stripes…

I constantly seek out new stuff to listen to, and often fall out of love with stuff that once meant a very great deal to me.
I'm easily obsessive, and extremely passionate.
I'm a writer, but I don't plan to do it professionally.
All I've ever wanted to do was be in a band.

Your turn.

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Welcome Andii. The forum is pretty new and quiet at the moment.

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Hello, my name is Co, and I am new here. I am so glad that finally my country unblocked this website so I can always check this website whenever I want, and the fact that finally I can join the forums makes me really happy.

I am a 15 year old girl from Indonesia, and I really love music. My favorite bands are: Hole, Nirvana, The Runaways, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, Babes In Toyland, L7, riot grrrl bands, Garbage, The Distillers, Spinnerette, Blondie, Sex Pistols, Veruca Salt, etc.

My only dream is to be in a rock band and make really good music.

Nice to meet you all!



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Hi all of you! My name is

Hi all of you! My name is Laverne! One of the biggest Courtney fans in the world,been listening to rock since the 90s as a kid! Mostly I listen to almost everything like Hole,Nirvana,The Smashing Pumpkins,etc. This site is one of my fave Courtney fansites ever! Its nice to chat with all my fellowHole/Courtney fans Smile

josephhhalljr (not verified)
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im new here

i am a long time courtney fan. i have posted on various boards throught the years as flyawaytomalibu, maliboy, indigenousinsight, losttoysisland. i wish courtney the absolute best and hope the 2 new songs will be massive hits. i cant wait to hear the new material. rock on courtney

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Whatsoever I feel is, come to

Whatsoever I feel is, come to light, and whatsoever I fought off began my life.  Just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile, sunspots have faded. now I'm doing time, now I'm doing time.  Whomsoever I cradled, so sick of my hope, whatsoever I fought off I put you there down.  A search light soul they say, but I can't see it in the night, I'm only faking.  when I get it right when I get it right.  Do so whatever you wanted has made you blind and whatsoever could be yours is made in my life.  so don't you lock up something that you wanted just to fly hands are for shaking, though not tiring.  sure don't mind a change. 

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