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Favourite Hole era

Whats your favourite Hole era? Pretty On The Inside? Live Through This? Celebrity Skin? Nobody's Daughter? Also why? 

I say era because I'm not sure if you'll agree but to me each album seemed to have a different look and feel along with a different sound and of course the line-up changed quite frequently. Thats part of what I love bout Hole though. Well thats another topic, would you even consider these to be different Hole eras?

For me it'd have to be a toss up between Pretty On The Inside and Live Through This. The entire aesthetic the band had during these eras I really liked. I know Courtney has said POTI is unlistenable but I still love that record and I always listen to it. Live Through This I loved because they were still addressing the same issues they were on POTI except it was just a lot more meodic. So I guess its less there's one I prefer and more I love them both equally for different reasons.

So,what about you guys?

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Personally, I agree with you.

Personally, I agree with you. I think Live Through This surpasses Pretty On The Inside (for me), emotionally, but their first two records were definitely written in a time when everybody (from Trent Reznor, to Kurt Cobain, to Marilyn Manson, to Jack Off Jill) was on fire. There's something tragically romantic about the nineties.

Pretty On The Inside is like a well done demo, and Live Through This is the debut album. They're both amazing in their own right, but I suppose, for me, personally, Live Through This is probably my favourite.

Justine (not verified)
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Fav era

I'd go for Live through this too! The sound, the vibe, the overall look of the era. I love the raw feeling of Pretty on the inside tough. On the other hand, no song makes me emotional as northern star does... You're right, they're all so different.

Sierra (not verified)
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My favorite era by far is

My favorite era by far is POTI. I have a soft spot for bands' first albums and this one is so fantastic and raw, the energy of it is amazing. LTT is a close second, but I feel like I can almost relate to POTI more than any other Hole album. I love each for different reasons, but this answer comes easily.

Jennifer (not verified)
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Celebrity Skin

My favorite was Celebrity Skin. I hope the put out another album like this someday. It's very dignified and melodic. Courtney became more of an inspiration than ever at this time.

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Basically, I love POTI, LTT,

Basically, I love POTI, LTT, and CS era. But my favorite era is LTT! Because, I think that's when Hole got their best time! And Live Through This is also my favorite album at the time.

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Favorite Hole era...

Live through This is my favorite album and Hole era. Although I do like the difference in hairstyles and fashions on the other albums such as Celebrity Skin, Pretty on the Inside and Nobody's Daughter. Hole totally rocks!

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Live through this is also my

Live through this is also my favourite album. I love the songs on it and Courtney and the others are great. Hole rocks.

Dan Sheehan (not verified)
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'95 Barcelona

I would say LTT through the RECORDING of, but not tour of (b/c they lost Patty Schemel) CS. POTI has some nice raw energy and CS some nice pop production, but LTT captures the best balance of these 2 things and songs like "Miss World" and "Violet" are just so soulful, earnest, and honest. I saw Hole on this tour exactly a year after Curt died, in April 1995 in Barcelona and the show was really awesome. Melissa was new in the band and she did great both on bass and vocals. I remember hearing the 2 of them singing "live through this for me I swear that I would die for you" and it was great.

I want to like NBD as much but I think something about the '90s, about the combo of people in the band at the time and the vibe in the air made LTT a masterpiece and CS a close second. NBD, it's kind of wierd that it has no other members of the '90s band and no women.

By the way, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Courtney and band at the Stone Pony a few weeks back, albeit a few bands apart, but it was a real honor to share the stage nonetheless and great to be able to see CL and band perform after our own set.

GarbadgeMan (not verified)
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of course LTT era was the

of course LTT era was the best one! and that's why I'd like to keep everybody remember this crazy 90s goddess Courtney - facebook.com/partywithcourtneylove ! if u have some great quotes of Queen Love, send me a message

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Live Through This

"Dying For It"

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