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What a great film! Great chemistry between Linda and courtney, I hope there's some footage from the night posted on here t cheer me up on ole north of England!

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Don't you guys think she looks a lot like her old self again, like, the late 90's? She looks fabulous! So does Linda! I love them both...

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Me too!

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I was just watching a movie of her from the 90's and then I saw recent pictures and she does look like herself again so I was thinking the same thing.

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nice! thanks for posting!

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How great she looks and sounds !

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that whip was funny! and they both look healthy these days!

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It's so nice to see Ms. Love so healthy and being part of a contrubition to the LGBT community. I am gay and Canadian and all of my gay friends adore her and we love her most when she's healthy, vibrant and congruent to her authentic self. P.s, loved seeing you play at Toronto Sound Academy, please try to come more often ;p ( Did Miko keep all the bra's that all the girls threw on stage lol?
Linda, it's very admirable for you to go out of your way to help LGBT teens and to be a role model for other celebrities to bring forth attention and light to a most serious issue that affects our community. Good for you kiddo! P.S. to this day, NO ONE had ever been able to sing Misty Mountain Hop like you did on the Led Zepplin tribute, and can I'm sure!!! Take care to you both and all the best to your cause and please note that I will be making a monetary donation to the Evening with Women.

Ocean Alaric Fairchild

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