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Wow!! She looks SO fucking AMAZING!! She looks fuller, more hearty, more like the snarling devil that took my soul. She's going to bring it like never before in 2013... I can feel it, Court!!! She looks circa 2006, just STUNNING.

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She looks absolutely stunning. Much stronger and more athletic. Very pleased to see

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Courtney looks stunning but I wish Barbara Walters didn't spend 5 minutes talking to her about the 90s? I hate it when interviews with Courtney become interviews with Courtney about Kurt, you know?

I would rather hear what Courtney is doing currently/in the future (HOW COULD THEY NOT ASK HER ABOUT HER MUSIC? SHE IS A ROCK STAR)

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Yeah, i hate that too! every interview she does they ask about kurt.Thats so stupid.

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Wow.. I just keep watching this interview. Courtney Love is on the verge of something major. This is bigger than Nobody's Daughter, this is solid. I predict within the next 2 years, Love WILL be returning to acting, will reaffirm her status as a rock and roll legend, and will be a household name again... for good reasons. This is big, and I didn't even feel this way on the approaching of her 2010 release.

That is the face, poise and grace of an actress. We miss your face on the silver screen. There is nothing better than CL on celluloid.

She's got the world wrapped around her guitar-calloused finger... it's up to COURTNEY as to what she chooses to do with this moment of clarity. Bigger than a 1996 turn-around... Courtney, your fans are standing behind you and we LIVE for your success and your output into the art world... music, movies, lyrics., they've all been tremendous gifts... don't hold back, we need you. WE NEED THE ROCK.

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Yes, I think Barbara Walters was quite rude in how she fixated on Kurt's suicide and Courtney's drug issues of the past. I'm not saying she couldn't mention those things but did it have to be the first thing she brought up and she kept going on about it. I've seen other musicians interviewed who have drug issues and they don't fixate on that to the same extent as to do with Courtney. But Courtney looked great! I loved the red dress.

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Yeah, I totally agree. It's funny, because Courtney was already on "The View" in 2010, and Barbara Walters never said, "oh, I'm giving you this hug because you and I have HISTORY!"

Yeah, bitch. You were just trying to dig up old footage and use your "investigative journalism" to ask questions that have been answered over and OVER AND OVER. She's such a sensationalist, and it makes me sick. Just as Courtney Love mentioned, everyone who gets interviewed by the "fabulous" Ms. Walters cries... She uses her journalistic, low-balling approach to "sympathize" ersatz way, to "dig deep" and get those ratings. She is so unoriginal in her approach, and it's really quite disgusting! Walters asked nothing of Love's new ventures, nothing about new projects, really... just a huge waste of potential publicity.

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Barbara Walters wasn't there the last time. Wink

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It was around Kurt's birthday. That's why.

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Yea, well... she's Courtney Love. Not the artist formally known as Kurt Cobain's wife. And it was 19 years ago... I would ALMOST understand if it was near the 20 year anniversary... but I don't know....

I do it, too, though.. when people 20 years old or younger ask, "who?"... sometimes I have to say "Courtney Love? Married to Kurt Cobain??" Although it's a LAST resort, I do tend to do it myself... but fuck. Got to start recognizing the woman, the legend!

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Courtney, you are a very unique and special person! I admire your music, style, personality, and your heart! You are definitely a true icon! I wish you mushc love and happiness in your life! Love and Light to you...~

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