Allusions in TV shows

2 Broke Girls

“Sophie just came in, Earl thinks she’s a hooker, and now my lip is feeling very Courtney Love”.
— S01E14

30 Rock

Jack: I’ve invited [Tracy] to join me at a GE Golf Tournament in Connecticut.
Liz: Was Courtney Love not available?
— S01E14

American Dad

Roger: I’ve named her Courtney Love because she killed her husband, she’s full of toxins…
— S04E03

Francine: Oh my God, what happened to you?
Stan [covered in blood]: I sat next to Courtney Love​ on the bus and she sneezed.
— S07E07


Hank: (referring to Becca) I just came by to say goodnight to our little Courtney Love in training.
Karen: Well, you know, she went to celebrate with her bandmates.
— S01E06

Hank: (as Lew hands him a guitar) What the fuck is this?
Lew: Kurt fuckin’ Cobain played that. Courtney gave it to me. I helped her product a demo, write some songs.
— S02E07

Cold Case

Boris: (about Raquel and Trevor) [Raquel] thought she was the Courtney to his Kurt.
— S03E12


Britta [to hungover Jeff]: You look about ready to marry Courtney Love.
— S01E16

Dawson’s Creek

Ethan: Telltale fan quiz: Who’s your favourite Foo Fighters?
Jack: Courtney Love.
— S03E11

Emma: Hey, spread the joy on stage, Courtney Love.
— S06E07

Gilmore Girls

Madeline: (referring to Judy Garland) She was the Courtney Love of her day.
— S01E21

Rory: (comforting Lane about her pregnancy) Already, you’re way ahead of a lot of people as far as parenting skills go. Like Britney. Britney Spears doesn’t know which end of a baby goes up, and Courtney Love? She’s no June Cleaver!
Lane: Yeah… I bet I could be a better mother than Courtney Love.
Rory: My sock drawer could be a better mother than Courtney Love. But yes, of course you would be. And Michael Jackson? You know not to name a baby Blanket.
Lane: Yeah, I do know not to name a baby after an inatimate object.
Rory: See? You’re way ahead of the pack.
— S07E02

Gossip Girl

Dan: I’m amazed at how calm you’re acting. Your 15-year-old daughter’s moved in.
Rufus : Granted, Agnes’ mother’s more Courtney Love than June Cleaver.
— S02E10

Blair: How many times do I have to go Courtney Love on your ass before you get the message? I don’t want you here.
— S04E10

How I Met Your Mother

Amy: Good idea. Let’s all go back to my place.
Barney: Your place? Thanks but no thanks, 1994 Courtney Love.
— S03E01

Family Guy

Peter Griffin and his wife are arguing over her job, Peter reasons, “You can’t give up now. What if Kurt Cobain had just given up?” Cut to a very well animated Nirvana finishing a set in front of a screaming teenage audience. Kurt Cobain beams out, “Thank you kids, and remember, say no to drugs!” Backstage a sleazy producer greets Kurt, “Hey Kurt, congratulations on your seventh album.” Kurt replies, “Hey, thanks!” as a dishevelled blonde figure appears by his side. “You remember my wife Courtney Love”, producer: “Who?”.
— S02E22

Six Feet Under

Brenda: Oh, God. I was having the most incredible dream. I was swimming with dolphins, only we weren’t swimming, we were flying. Oh, and Drew Barrymore was there!
Doctor: (doing a eye check-up on her) Whatever you were on, I would like some of it.
Brenda: She was like my best friend.
Doctor: How’s your headache today?
Brenda: It’s better… Oh, my God, and there was this shark following us, and I think it was Courtney Love.
Doctor: How’d she look?
Brenda: She was in Versace.
— S01E13

South Park

(while a photo of Courtney Love is shown)
News Anchor: …and was forced to live off her own feces for several days.
— S03E14

Cartman: Scott, Scott! Courtney Love is in South Park! She’s all drunk and spreading her legs and showing her poonanner to everybody! You gotta go check it out! I’ll watch your house for ya!
— S05E01


Jason: Keith Moon. Often referred to as a Courtney Love.
— S01E02

The O.C.

Summer: Saying your last goodbye with his dirty mattress in plain sight? That is breakup sex waiting to happen.
Marissa: Have you no faith in me at all?
Summer: 48 hours ago Coop, you were Newport’s answer to Courtney Love. (pauses) Baby steps…
— S03E22

The Good Wife

Hugo Chávez [through Natalie’s translation]: “The Americans again want my oil. They thirst for it. All Americans. Except Courtney Love. Not her. Even now she is not appreciated in her country. Where is her Academy Award? Where?”
— S02E20

The Simpson

Lisa: Eww… Why is Courtney Love on the Wheaties box?
Marge: Hmm… I thought it was Sandy Duncan.
— S10E15

Homer: We’re rubbing elbows with the greats. Look there’s Ross Perot. Dr Laura. Spike Lee.
Bart: Wait, they aren’t so great.
Homer: Well, yeah, but there’s Dan Quayle and Courtney Love. Tonya Harding? Al Sharpton?! Aaah! Tom Arnold! What the hell is going on?!
— S11E04

Ugly Betty

Betty: For the record, your “brilliant” cover of Courtney Love leaving rehab in a wheelbarrow of pills was our lowest selling issue in 17 years.
— S01E09

Amanda: I have to do something outrageous. Should I do skanky? ‘Cause I could totally do skanky. What if I just go pee on the carpet?
Mark: Oh, sweetie, Courtney Love did that before you got here.
— S02E03

Will & Grace

Will: Look at this. I-I-I’ll bet Courtney Love has probably peed in this very toilet.
Grace: Or, at the very least, around it.
— S03E11

Will: It’s amazing. You know, you go to bed looking like Courteney Cox, and you wake up Courtney Love.
— S08E17