Inside Courtney Love’s closet

Who knew Courtney Love owns (and loves) a Nicole Richie dress? We did, after taking a tour of her closet with good friend and Hole drummer Scott Lipps. The owner of modeling agency One Management, who also has an it-girl centric photography website PopLipps, stars on E’s “Scouted” and is our newest blogger, chats with a Meadham Kirchhoff-clad Love in the video below.

The two discussed her new clothing line, Never The Bride, which was designed with Pippa Greenbank in London. Love’s collection is made out of re-purposed pieces (“This is antique, vintage means lurex” she explained of the offering) and rooted in her love of Edwardian dresses and materials. Although Greenbank does much of the draping and sewing, each piece has Love’s signature: “In the hem of all the dresses there’s a ruby and it says c***.” Some have more unique touches, however, “I took one of Kurt’s robes and I cut it up into little bits and embroidered on it. On the Kurt robe dress I put ‘tell me it doesn’t hurt, tell me it doesn’t hurt.’ Which is I think what people say during sex.”

Never The Bride, which Love hopes is not a self-fulfilling title, is designed for a contemporary Courtney Love. “This is the stuff that I would wear if I was young enough to not look like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened After Baby Jane?,” Love explained. “One time I was standing at the Mercer and Karl Lagerfeld goes, ‘What are you doing in this tutu?’ and I say ‘I have a record coming out.’ So Lagerfeld says to me, ‘you are not getting laid in a tutu.’ And Lady Amanda Harlech, who I adore who works for Karl, goes ‘Courtney, you’re really not getting laid in a tutu.’ And I realized, you know, that I did look like Baby Jane Hudson.”

In addition to priceless antique pieces, Love is an avid supporter of contemporary designers. “I’m really big on Vivienne Westwood,” Love exclaimed as she rifled through her closet filled with Alexander McQueen, Chloe and Prada, “even though my boob has popped out twice now in Westwood.” Wardrobe malfunctions aside, Love’s closet is full of surprises, much like the singer herself.

In related news, did you know that Love once had to borrow money from a stranger after getting lost on the subway?