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This is Courtney Love New Album released in 2004 and it’s an artwork. It is going to be bestseller and unfortunately one of the last albums in Courtney Love discography. We’ve recently partnered with, which is a leading online sports bookmaker offering its customers exclusive deals and hundreds of different sports to bet on, including novelty betting. Help us keep this Courtney Love fan page alive by visiting their site. By doing so, you’ll be helping us a ton.


Release date
February 10, 2004

EMI Virgin

01 – Mono [3:39] 02 – But Julian, I’m A Little Bit Older Than You [2:48] 03 – Hold On To Me [3:45] 04 – Sunset Strip [5:52] 05 – All The Drugs [4:31] 06 – Almost Golden [3:25] 07 – I’ll Do Anything [3:01] 08 – Uncool [4:37] 09 – Life Despite God [4:16] 10 – Hello [3:10] 11 – Zeplin Song [2:48] 12 – Never Gonna Be The Same [5:07]

Mono, Hold On To Me


Courtney Love [vocals, guitar] Patty Schemel [drums] Samantha Maloney [drums] Scott MacCloud [guitar] Jerry Best [bass] Emilie Autumn [violin] Chris Whitemyer
Joe Gore

Location and recording date
Studio Miraval, France (spring 2003)


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